Getting to Glasgow Cathedral is relatively easy – it’s located right off Castle Street, at the eastern section of Cathedral Street. We’ve included a handy Google Map that should help should you get lost.

We’ve also put together some detailed instructions that will get you to Glasgow and then point you in the right direction once you’ve reached the city centre. This information is not ‘official’ so make sure you double check before booking your travel. It’s all correct a the time of publishing but of course each service listed below can change at a moment’s notice – and we can’t guarantee we’ll have the most recent info (though we’ll certainly try!).

Getting to Glasgow

there are frequent bus and train services from the following Scottish cities:

  • Edinburgh
  • Inverness
  • Perth
  • Sterling

Bus Services to Glasgow

Don’t worry. He won’t be driving.

Don’t worry. He won’t be driving.

Cheap bus fares can be found on The company guarantees a selection of buses at just £1, which makes it the cheapest services we’ve found.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, you can also opt for Citylink or National Express. Both are safe, reliable, and not too pricey. It comes down to when you want to travel, as the cheaper tickets in particular are a little restrictive.

Train Services

We suggest taking the train, as it’s much faster and it’s not much more expensive. Book in advance via ScotRail or you’ll be paying a premium if you book on the day. The cheapest tickets are available here (it’s the official website), contrary to what some of those ticket brokers will tell you. Go via the official site and you won’t have to pay one of those pesky booking fees.

We also advise that you go for an open ticket rather than the time-stamped variety, as it gives you a lot more flexibility. Glasgow is a nice city to visit in itself, so once you’ve been to the Cathedral it’s worth wandering through the historic city centre.

Once in Glasgow

You’ve made it to Glasgow! Great, it’s time to get to the Cathedral. You can do it one of three ways: by foot, bus, or car.

Getting There by Foot

So, you’re still relatively fit and you want to head over to the Cathedral by foot. Nothing like a brisk walk to get the heart pumping!

We’re going to explain how you can get there from George Square, which is right in the middle of the city. Go along Queen Street Station on North Hanover Street. once you reach the traffic lights it’s time to go right (East). Follow Cathedral Street right till the end until you reach Castle Street.

It should be fairly obvious at this point – it’s the big Cathedral on your right. Also known as the Cathedral Precinct.

Getting There by Bus

There are several buses which pass Glasgow Cathedral, but we’re going to list the ones that go via the city centre – sorry, we’re going to assume you’re a tourist arriving wide-eyed near George Square!

The following buses will get you there. Just make sure you have enough change!

Bus 11, 12, 36, 36A, 38, 38A, 42, 42A, 51, 56, 56A, 213.

Always check the official website first to ensure there are no roadworks and that these service numbers are still running – we can’t guarantee anything!