Allow the Numbers to Guide You in Searching for the One

Numerology is a guide that might help you find the person whom you will spend the rest of your life with, just like what happened to me.

It is a crazy idea to rely on fate when it comes to love. As they say, you have to work hard to find someone to love and keep that relationship stronger the moment you find it. Yes, love might be a product of destiny, but this destiny is something that you work hard for. However, giving love a try through numbers is also worth it. Take me as an example. I allowed numerology to decide on my fate, but it worked.

A crazy start

I just came across this shop that says its offers numerology services. I was totally clueless at first. I thought it is about math tutorial services or anything related to accounting and finance. I was interested because I really needed help with my finances that time. To my surprise, it was about the use of numbers to find your perfect match. Since I was already inside, I just gave it a try. I was asked some questions. Some of them are personal details like my birthday and place of birth. Some others are about significant numbers in my life and my preferences. Eventually, I was told to travel to Glasgow to find the love of my life. I knew it was crazy and I knew it is something that I won’t do.

Traveling to Glasgow

Well, it so happened that there was a long holiday and I got nothing to do. Thus, crazy as it may seem, but I went to Glasgow. I have never been there before. Thus, I tried to justify this trip as an exploration of a new place. When I arrived there, the entire numerology thing slipped my mind. I was in awe of Glasgow. The cathedrals are just perfect. The architectural style is so amazing. Everything there is so peaceful and easy to the eyes. It is like going to a fantasy land. I really appreciated every single part of the trip. I never thought it would be that fun. Of course, I did not miss the chance to take photos.

Finding the right one

To my surprise, I found the person I have decided to spend the rest of my life here. It was a sunny morning when I decided to visit the cathedral and pray. When I went out, I lit a candle and someone was also doing the same thing. Unfortunately, the candle I lit fell on the floor. I decided to pick it up but it seems useless already. He came near me and gave me one. He smiled and I looked at him directly to thank him. The rest as they say is history.

Yes, it might be because of numerology, or it is just a simple response coming from God. Whatever it is, the point is that there is no harm in trying. I gave it a try and it was totally worth it. You should, too. I you are hesitant, try to read more about numerology compatibility first at If you want to know more about numerology meanings, then go here. Once you have found the right one, go back to this article and say that it is really worth it.